Top 7 Tips To Keep In Mind When Writing A Postgraduate Dissertation

Some students love to write while others, well, struggle through the writing process of their postgraduate paper. If you are trying to complete your dissertation and are hitting some roadblocks, keep reading for the best 7 tips given by former students.

  1. Write early and frequently. The size and importance of this paper is enormous. When you get used to doing loads of writing, right from the start, you won’t feel as overwhelmed on days when your fingers need to be glued to the keyboard. Every writer is bound to face writer’s block or writing paralysis somewhere along the way. The antidote for this is simply to make yourself write.
  2. Know that you will be doing a lot of rewriting. This will be easier to accept if you know it at the start. Don’t be so consumed with perfection that you never get anything accomplished. It’s better to just buckle down and get to work; you can fix errors later.
  3. Spend time determining your methodology. Often this step gets neglected because there are so many other things to do, like the literature review, research, abstract, statistical analysis and so on. But this is an important step.
  4. On a day when you just feel stuck and can’t seem to move forward with your writing, consider moving to work on another section. Just not feeling it with the methodology today? Move over to the findings. Whatever it takes to keep you motivated and working.
  5. When the writing gets difficult, stick with it. Fight the urge to walk away. Resist the temptation to give up. You can do this. Your momentum may have waned but you can get it back. Go for a vigorous run or swim some laps to relieve your stress and come back with a renewed will to keep going. It will be better another day.
  6. Strive for excellence but don’t be perfectionistic. You can write with high standards but don’t bury yourself under so much perfectionism you start to suffocate. You need freedom to write creatively.
  7. Take care of the other areas in your life as well. The postgraduate dissertation will take a lot of your time and energy but don’t sacrifice your family and friends for it. You may have less social life but you still need one. Choose friends who will support and not berate you for your efforts. If you're feeling overwhelmed with your thesis, you can simply pay for research paper and forget about troubles.

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