Marketing dissertation topics

This article provides a wide range of marketing thesis topics for students or researchers looking for unique and ideal topics. Similarly, by browsing through these topics, students will get inspiration to come up with marketing thesis topics of their own. Over time, these sample dissertation topics have proved helpful to students in formulating their dissertation topic, aims, objectives, literature review, research methods, and data analysis. These marketing dissertations are great tools for students facing the challenge of formulating marketing dissertation topics from multiple scholars.

All businesses are in dire need of an effective and efficient marketing strategy; however, marketing has several elements. A quick review of these marketing dissertation topics will give students concrete ideas for their marketing thesis through the following thematic areas: marketing ethics, strategic marketing, social media marketing, online marketing, international marketing, marketing trends, consumer behavior, advertising, marketing cultures, direct marketing, branding, and relationship marketing. All the marketing dissertation topics come with a price, which, in our opinion, represents value for your money. The following is a list of those dissertations.

  1. The impact of advertising on customer behavior
  2. Adaptations and standardization issues on international marketing
  3. The key elements of brand recognition and branding
  4. The effect of advertising on competition on Kenya supermarket retail industry
  5. Effectiveness of targeted marketing strategies on the uptake of credit cards
  6. An analysis of customer satisfaction and brand loyalty
  7. The value of retail brands in the USA retail industry
  8. The influence of social media advertising on consumer buying decisions
  9. Semiotics and advertising as meaningful signs
  10. Evaluation of diversification strategies employed by TESCO Plc
  11. An analysis of market analysis and marketing activities of LA fitness
  12. The impact of marketing strategies on customer privacy
  13. The impact of brand identity on consumer behavior
  14. Evaluation of youth brand loyalty in the sportswear industry
  15. Marketing strategy for businesses operating in informal settlements
  16. An examination of hoe to protect the brand from the risk of customer abandonment
  17. An examination of the ideals of relationship marketing from Vivo Energy Company
  18. The impact of experiential marketing in boosting ordinary communication from business to the consumer sector
  19. An analysis of consumer behavior
  20. The impact of consumer retail loyalty in the supermarket industry
  21. The relationship between consumption of alcohol and advertising among the youth
  22. An evaluation of billboard advertising agency in India
  23. Impact of the Internet on consumer behavior among the youth in Kenya
  24. The impact of consumer behavior and attitudes towards healthy and ethical food
  25. Male approach to customer decision making towards female products
  26. The behavior and attitudes of young males towards male grooming
  27. An analysis of supermarket differentiation
  28. An analysis of consumer loyalty schemes in the retail industry
  29. The effect of personality validation on consumer purchase decisions
  30. Impact of Cartoon characters on children and parents
  31. The influence of attractiveness of user interface design on the online clothing industry
  32. Effect of internal marketing strategies in the hotel industry
  33. An evaluation of strategic electronic marketing
  34. Evaluation of brand extension by consumers

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