Topics for economics dissertation

Economics has developed from just being a hobby that people who lived in the eighteenth century participated in during their leisure time, into something that even the people who are experts in that field are highly demanded globally. Researchers, philosophers, and writers popularized this field. For example, Adam Smith has become a field with significant importance and relevance to today's society, which is highly globalized and financialized. The research on economics dating the previous centuries was mainly focused on the borrowing, choices made by individuals, money, consumption and production, pricing of assets, trade, markets, trade, and the relationship between human behavior and economic decisions.

A lot of surveys have been done due to the concerns above, and they have led to the derivation of methods or models that can be used to explain them. As the world continues to develop, there are new economic problems that have also come up, hence being the research topics. Below are the topics for economics dissertation that one can use when doing their economics research projects. 

Economic sociology

Economic sociology is the study of social cause and the effects of various economic phenomena. This part of economics literature focuses on the impact and cause of the relationship between social causes and their economic effects. The possible topics that one can pick from this area are;

Economic geography

It is the branch of economics literature that deals with the function of geographical location and the places that have the most economic outcome. However, this branch does not just limit itself to defining geographical locations and the economies that occupy them. It also deals with the connection and interaction of the economic activity extent and their variables around nature. Below are the possible topics in this area.


The microeconomic research and theory's main objective is to analyze and examine how producers and consumers, individual decision-makers, behave and perform in different economic settings. To understand the behavior and performance of individuals based on the way they make their decisions, researchers use data, build models, and experiments are conducted.


Economics is a large topic to talk about, and new topics are still emerging to date, so these are just a few topics that one can research. The above topics will help you in writing the best dissertation. Choose the perfect topic and get to work.

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