How To Prepare For A Dissertation Proposal Defense

Writing a proposal is the first step of writing a dissertation. From your proposal, expect to answer several dissertation proposal defense questions. That’s because you have to prove that you have a water holding idea. This is the major reasons why many students are overwhelmed by the idea of preparing for a dissertation proposal presentation. Nevertheless, there are tips that can make this task a little easier.

Determine expectations

Your dissertation committee or review board will most likely have specific expectations. Have those expectations in mind when preparing for a dissertation proposal defense presentation. Determining the expectations of your dissertation committee will enable you to know what to present and how to present it.

It’s crucial to realize that there could be particulars on what the board or committee will be looking for. Therefore, ask your supervisor some of the things that you can expect from the committee. This will enable you to prepare to respond to those particulars in a more successful manner.

Prepare for questions

One of the most important dissertation proposal defense tips is preparing to answer questions. That’s because the major part of the process of presenting your proposal will comprise of a questions and answers session. Therefore, anticipate questions and prepare to answer them right. Some questions will require you to clarify what you present. Others will aim at finding holes within your proposal. Therefore, take time to anticipate questions and prepare to answer them adequately.

Study relevant literature

To prepare for dissertation proposal defense presentation, know the existing, relevant literature. Know studies that have already been done that relate to yours. How are they likely to affect your study? Is your work close to that of another person? What do you intend to do to apply your current knowledge? Take time to study past, relevant studies before you go for the presentation.

Know who you will present to

It’s important that you know your dissertation proposal defense committee. Know their opinions and motivations before they review your work. You can also conduct some research to see if it’s possible to find a person whose work has been reviewed by the same committee. This will enable you to know how the committee expects you to present your material.

Know that your defense is an intent statement

A dissertation proposal defense PowerPoint document is an intent statement. That means you should not present results of your research during the presentation. You simply present a statement of the study that you intend to carry out. Show the committee what you will accomplish by conducting this research, how you will do it, and the time you will take to do it. Your proposed objectives will most likely be added or removed by the committee.

Follow this guide on how to present a dissertation presentation defense to make this task easier.

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